Want of The Week: Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps

Every woman knows that there’s nothing like that go to black pair of black pumps. Not only are they stylish, but essential. Now picture a black pair of black pumps that have an exaggerated pointed toe, sexy arch, and a sleek patent leather finish. This is the So Kate pump by Christian Louboutin.

 The shape of the shoe is so beautiful that I think I fell in love immediately. Not to mention the 4.75″ heel, these definitely are not your mom’s pair of pumps.   The So Kate pumps are a  modern take on the classic black pump, adding the sass that comes with wearing a pair of heels that you know are the bomb, even before having the chance to gracefully place your feet in them.

These beauties are $625.00, which personally I do not think is that bad. A classic shoe by a classic brand, in a classic style. Basically, this shoe will always be “in” and you will always look nothing less than fabulous  in them.


Images via Barneys.com


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