Fashion News: Does Alexander Wang Have The ‘Coolest’ Ad Campaign of The Season?

Who would have ever thought that a bathroom would be the perfect setting for a major fashion brand’s spring advertising campaign? Chic sweatpants. Obscene sweatshirts. Chunky heels. Ankle straps. Leather skirts. Dresses. Models in positions that make you think of a hangover. And yet…it works. Actually, it does more than work. Alexander Wang’s spring ad campaign is naughty school girl grows up and meets high fashion, and clearly the two had a wild night.



There’s nothing sexy about falling off of the toilet, or straddling a bathroom sink…not until Alexander Wang gets involved anyway. I need to know who the mastermind is behind these tantalizing images.


Images via



Between the naughty school girl goes high fashion looks and the uncommon use of the bathroom as a place where such fashion is showcased, Alexander Wang produced a campaign unlike any other that I’ve seen. It is not only cool, it is the coolest. Every cool kid belongs in that bathroom. *Finds that bathroom with GPS*

What do you think? Agree or Disagree?


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