Picture Perfect: Rihanna Covers GQ’s Men of The Year Issue

Here’s a rather…controversial issue of “Picture Perfect”, as Rihanna manages to cover GQ‘s Men of The Year Issue, yet she fails to cover herself. The ‘Unapologetic’ singer fronts the issue in her birthday suit, oh…and an All Saints’ leather crop jacket (Style.mtv.com). Rihanna’s outfit or the lack there of certainly makes a statement, but what exactly is the statement? I love Riri dearly, but I think she could have rocked this cover in a different outfit…possibly a crop top sweater, leather pants and spiked heels, or a simple menswear for women look. This is the very first time that GQ has had a woman cover their ‘Men of The Year Issue’. Do you think the pop star’s cover will make them want to continue in this new direction or not? One thing is for sure, December’s sales will certainly skyrocket. Thoughts?

Image via Style.mtv.com


3 thoughts on “Picture Perfect: Rihanna Covers GQ’s Men of The Year Issue

  1. It’s definitely a statement, as u said. She represents so much sexuality which is fine, am just not sure how far it can be taken or needs to be taken. What she sings about and how she behaves have already set the limit so high in terms of sexual pop, that after a certain point there is no further step without being pornographic. My point is one can be very erotic and sexual in many ways, even without flashing off the the very obvious.

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