Shopping: Fall Into The Fall/Winter Season With The Perfect Pea Coat

If you’ve been outside lately, then  you know that temperatures are dropping and QUICK! Last Thursday it was 75 degrees here in Hampton and today the high was 55. This sudden change in temperature indicates that it’s time for us to make a change in our wardrobe. My friends, it is time for us to pick up our perfect pea coat so that we can face the fall/winter season in style. For whatever reason when people initially go shopping for a pea coat, they choose a black one. I’m going to go ahead and assume because black is “neutral” and it “matches everything”. Knowing that your coat(s) is worn a majority of the time during the fall/winter season, why not pick a pea coat with color? The perfect pea coat for you just may be black, and that’s fine. But I also know that there are some of you out there who have been trying go out on a limb and choose one that is a solid color. For some of you, trying a striped pea coat may be an easier idea to swallow. Either way, if you ask me, I say go for it. What better time than now? Just in case you need some inspiration, here are a few options:

Image 1 of ASOS Classic Trench

$96.75 at

$175 at

Red Military Double Skirt Hem Woolen Coat pictures

$81 at

$42.50 at

Khaki Lapel Long Sleeve Ruffles Trench Coat pictures

$52.56 at


$670 at

$39.80 at

$80 at


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