Men’s Fashion Flash: Big Sean On “Going Coatless” for The Winter in GQ

A few years ago, Big Sean confidently stated that he was going to elevate the state of fashion and hip hop ( “I’m going to elevate it though. I got ideas. Hip hop’s become more worldwide and it’s more of a business. It’s about time we dressed up and show some class.” A few years later, it is clear that the man meant every word in that statement. Apparently he’s not the only one aware of his sense of style, as GQ has featured him this month as rap’s hottest rookie…although he really isn’t a rookie anymore. For his shoot with GQ, he showed off three ways to go coatless during the winter. Let’s face it, we all hate that the worst part of winter is having to wear a coat. You put on a great outfit, and no one sees it because you have to put a coat on top of it.

We shouldn’t have to limit our fabulousness because of a coat right? Big Sean agrees, that’s why in his photoshoot he sports field vests and scarves to keep warm, yet stay fashionable. What do you think of this alternative combo? I’m all too fond of the vest, but I do love the way the look comes together.

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