Men’s Fashion Flash: The Kanye West Look Book (The Man Is Stylish)

Kanye West may have entered the music industry with the stereotypical rapper swag, with the over-sized sweatshirts, baggy pants and big chains, but even then it was his bold colors and bright personality that set him apart. Years later after achieving the title as one  hip hop’s  most talented and well respected rappers, there is still one title he unknowingly seems to hold: best dressed. Don’t believe me? Check out what The Cut ( had to say about Kanye’s style transformation.

” He later began edging his way into the high-fashion world, choosing Versace and Dior over hoodies and jeans, and trading in baggy pants for slim-fit; he also experimented with flashy statement pieces like huge fur coats and funky sunglasses. He has no shame when it comes to label worship, either, once wearing a women’s Céline blouse to perform at Coachella.” Simply put, the man is stylish!

At the Louise Goldin show at New York Fashion Week. September 2012.

At Valentino Haute-Couture with Kim Kardashian. July 2012.

Mark Fast Dinner. February 2012.

Performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

At the Céline spring 2012 runway show in Paris, France.

At the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” Costume Institute gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. May 2011.

All Images via

(They have the best look books!!!)


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