NYFW Review: Oscar de la Renta Spring 2013

Front Row:  The Bush twins

FA&S Review: Let’s face it, Oscar de la Renta is the reality version of what we imagined fashion to be as young girls; glamorous, pretty, sometimes edgy, and fun. During the ODLR  NYFW Spring 2013 show, the brand lived up to its reputation. This collection was a combination of striking day suits,  dainty lace looks, daring patterns and glamorous ensembles. The incorporation of vibrant hues was excellent as well. Those dresses gave me life. Oh, for the love of ODLR.

Favorite Look (Last Picture): That hot pink dress had me speechless! I dream of wearing that dress to an important event. It is….the high fashion version of Barbie. I would be a Barbie for a day if I could wear that dress.

De La Renta RS13 1675

De La Renta RS13 1724

De La Renta RS13 1806

De La Renta RS13 1821

De La Renta RS13 1891

De La Renta RS13 1908

De La Renta RS13 2474

De La Renta RS13 2231

De La Renta RS13 2448

All Images & Front Row Information via fashionista.com/


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