*New Feature* Alert on Fashion Ave & Sixth!!

Hello darlings!

I know I’ve been gone for a few weeks, life has been SO busy! I haven’t been able to post as much because I returned to my school (Hampton University) for my sophomore year at the end of August, woot woot!!  In addition to getting settled in, I’ve been working on several other projects as well as working on new features for Fashion Ave & Sixth.

The first one that I will share with you guys is “Feature Friday”. On Fridays there will be guest bloggers on Fashion Ave & Sixth. While I love my blog (and I’m sure you do too, right?), I thought it would be nice to add some spice to it by allowing you to hear from other great bloggers. Feel free to comment and share what style and/or fashion bloggers you’d love to hear from.

I hope that you enjoy this new feature, and look forward to me posting more regularly now that I’ve got a good balance on the many things that are happening in my life right now.

The  Sixth Sense. The Best Sense. Fashion Sense.

Christian Mills, xoxo!!


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