Editor’s Note: It’s Here! The One Year Anniversary of Fashion Ave. & Sixth!!

(Recent  Picture From Photo Shoot For My New Book: Made to Standout. Debuts Fall 2012.)

It’s August 22, 2012 already? Let’s see this time last year in addition to running around being pampered and doing some major dorm shopping as I prepared to head off to my freshman year at Hampton University, on this day last year I created this very blog that you see now, Fashion Ave & Sixth. In case you didn’t know, before this was Fashion Ave & Sixth, this was The Royale View: My View On All Things Fashionable, Fabulous, and Fierce.

About two months ago, I realized that my one year blog anniversary was quickly arriving and I began to rethink the mission of my blog. I needed to channel my vision, and that’s when I came up with Fashion Ave & Sixth. I have a passion for fashion that exceeds my appetite for food (it’s that bad). I chose the name Fashion Ave & Sixth because it sounds like a destination, and while it really and truly may be, it’s more than that. Fashion Ave & Sixth is where those of us who were blessed with the sixth sense, fashion sense, can come to indulge in all things fashion. Two months later, with over 130 people subscribed to my blog and nearly 20,000 views, I am certain that Fashion Ave. & Sixth is not only the proper name for my blog, it’s the proper place for you to get your fashion fix.

In honor of my one year blog anniversary, I’m delighted to share with you that I have three new features coming to my blog this fall. I can’t tell you yet, but before the month is over, I’ll be able to tell you, promise! Last but not least, thanks for being a great audience. There would be no comments for me to obsess over, or a blog anniversary worth obsessing celebrating if it were not for you. Here’s to another year of embracing both our passion for fashion and our sixth sense.


Miss Mills


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