Picture Perfect: Beyonce and Jay-Z Are Captured Sharing A Fairy Tale Moment

While many of us girls dream of our prince charming, as we somehow wait for him to manifest himself in reality, that’s not Beyonce’s story. Beyonce has her prince charming, and it is clear that Jay-Z has found his queen. Ladies all over the world fantasize about having a piece of their kind of love, and lucky  for us, they decided to share a little piece of it with us through Bey’s most recent post on Tumblr  (published this past weekend).

In the pictures Jay and B appear to be in their own little world, taking a step away from their very “big” lives to enjoy beauty, life and love. There’s just something simplistic yet romantic about spending time with a loved one in a park. These pictures paint a picture perfect moment that will touch the heart of anyone with an appreciation for love. It’s beautiful to see that in the midst of their busy lives, that they have time to stop and enjoy these kind of moments with each other. Just beautiful.




All Images via Necole Bitchie


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