Experience The Greatness of Giuseppe Zanotti

In my nineteen years of life, I have yet to come across both a shoe collection and a designer as astonishing as Giuseppe Zanotti. The Italian designer delicately creates a new piece of art with each and every shoe, and creates a gallery of greatness with every collection. While he may certainly be most revered for his heelless designs, he successfully caters to the heart of women and the sole of a shoe. If you have yet to experience the greatness of Giuseppe Zanotti, I pray that you do today through witnessing his FALL 2012 Collection. In sync with his most famous design, he has created an amazing collection of shoes that range in materials from suede to leather, and color from bolds to neutrals. I’m not quite sure which design I like both, for I enjoy the slouchy look of one, and the addition of the skinny strap with the other. Why choose, when we can (dream of) having both?

To further experience the greatness of Giuseppe Zanotti, watch as he creates his masterpieces here, The Soul of A Shoe.


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