Denim Shorts Got A Makeover This Summer: Studded, Printed, Tie-Dyed and MORE!

Just one summer ago, when I picked up a pair of denim shorts I had no intention of adding any creativity to them, I simply planned on wearing them. After all, isn’t that what was supposed to happen? Fast forward to this summer, and I found myself in a thrift store searching for old mom jeans, in order to create my own version of high-waist studded denim shorts, which have become a major trend this summer. That was at the end of May. Now it’s the beginning of August, and as you know the “studded” denim trend was only the beginning. Over the course of the summer I’ve spotted denim with American or UK flags printed or sewn on them, bleached denim shorts, and my most recent discovery is tie-dye shorts.  Who would’ve thought that denim shorts needed a makeover? Either way, they certainly got one this summer.

If you love these trends, hate these trends, or are looking to embrace the trends, I have a treat for you. I’ve not only included pictures as usual in this post, I’ve included DIY videos so that you can embrace this trend by making over a pair of denim shorts for yourself. None of these are too hard, they just require a little patience and a lot of creativity. Enjoy!

 Studded Denim Shorts

 Printed Denim Shorts


 Tie-Dye Denim Shorts

Which one are you most interested in trying?


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