A Diamond In The Rough: Jeffrey Campbell Day Platform Pump Shoe Lust

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I generally believe that Jeffrey Campbell shoes are entirely overrated. It is as if people are so captivated by the popularity of the name brand, that they are blind to the fact that most of their shoes are, well…ugly. However, every now and then I  find a diamond pair in the rough of the collection that I personally would love to have sitting in my closet. Earlier today I stumbled across these beauties that go by the name of the “Day Platform Pump”. Every girl needs a sexy strappy pair of heels, and these shoes would be perfect! My absolute favorite part of this shoe is the arch, my God isn’t it just beautiful? There is nothing in the world that compares to the arch of shoe, because it helps create the overall shape of the shoe. The openness of this shoe, which is created by skinny patent leather straps around the ankles and across the toes,  is very sexy. I’m not a major fan of black shoes, but the truth of the matter is every girl needs a fabulous of pair of black heels, so why not these?

Images via Nasty Gal


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