I’m Back !

Image via Style Bloggers of Color


Hey loves! It’s been about five days since I last blogged and I must admit it feels very weird, as if a piece of me is missing. In the time of my absence I was granted an internship with Style Bloggers of Color, which is a fabulous network of style/fashion bloggers color. It costs absolutely nothing to be apart of the network, but the benefits are amazing. Just about a month ago, I decided to be a member of Style Bloggers of Color, hence the SBOC badge on the right side panel. If you are a style/fashion blogger of color  I do truly encourage you to join. You will be privileged to a plethora of information, be able to expand both your network and your audience and attend great mixers with other style bloggers in a city near you. Just something to think about!

I really didn’t write this post to advertise SBOC (although it really is a great network), but to express to you the reason for my absence. You guys know that I love to update everyday, several times a day and more importantly, I love my readers. So please bear with me as I begin to find the right balance of things. In the mean time remember that one of the most important senses that we have is the one that only some of us have been blessed to have. The Sixth. The Best Sense. Fashion Sense.


   Miss Mills 


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