Shoe Lust : Valentino Studded Pumps

Ahhhhh! I’m extremely excited about this shoe lust. Today I bring you a shoe that is just as daring as it is stylish, the Valentino Studded Pumps. I’m normally not a fan of anything under five inches, but when I saw these shoes I literally almost started drooling. This shoe is absolutely a work of art. In it self it is an oxymoron being simple because of its style as a pump yet complex with the detailing of the studs as well as the many colors and/ or prints that the shoe comes in.

This shoe was made for a glamour girl. Clearly it is a day to night shoe. With it being a pump, I can’t imagine it being uncomfortable so the wearability (yes, I made up a word for lack of a better one) is a plus on top of how amazingly stylish the shoe is in itself. This shoe can be worn in the office, on the go, and out  at night. Who doesn’t love a shoe like that? I am seriously coveting this shoe. *Comes back to blog post five minutes later* It is taking everything within me not to continue writing about how spectacular it really is. These Valentino Studded Pumps definitely are not your everyday pair of pumps, and that’s okay. Dare to be different, and be stylish. Make a statement with your shoes.



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