Music Moment: New Trey Songz “Simply Amazing”

Trey Songz is known for being Mr. Sexy, and is even more well-known for his mood music. In an interesting twist, his latest songs show some kind of personal growth in his lyrics. Grant it, he may not write the songs that he sings, but one cannot deny that the man doesn’t look more in love than ever these days. In “Heart Attack” we saw him displaying a new level of emotion, and in his newest song, “Simply Amazing”, he continues to surprise us. Could Trey be in love?

“I might not deserve it, but she loves me. And it’s simply amazing…” In this video Trey Songz and his girl spend sun up to sun down together as he expresses his love and appreciation for her. Trey is all smiles as the couple enjoys pillow fights, walks on the beach, and even a late night bike ride. Check out the video below.



Read more: New Video: Trey Songz – Simply Amazing | Necole



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