Project Runway Turns10: A Season Premiere For The Books

Last night was the season 10 premiere for Project Runway, and if you were watching it, you know as well as I do that it was absolutely phenomenal. In all of my seasons of watching the show (five), I have never experienced such talent and versatility, and dare I say style. Let’s face it, getting to know the designers by watching their videos and seeing their collections is always cool, but we are more interested in how each designer as well as their creations compare to those around them. Project Runway will make or break you as a designer, and that’s the risk that sixteen individuals were willing to take.

The competition portion of the show kicked off with an at home challenge where the designers were to create a look with pieces that could be found at home. Simple right? At first it is. Then when you add Tim coming into the work room to announce that the contestants have one day to create a corresponding look to the first one. To make the challenge even more interesting, Tim goes on to announce that they’ll be showing both looks to the judges and thousands of onlookers in Times Square. Ohmygosh!

Having a show in the middle of Times Square is both an excellent and fabulous opportunity. It was excellent, because what better place to have the first runway show than in the heart of the city itself? It’s NYC. It’s naturally fabulous, and it requires for fabulous pieces to be sent down the runway; a requirement that most of  these extremely talented designers met.  A perfect floral bustier, flowing gowns, cocktail dresses, vintage pieces, and more marched down the runway. Viewers (like myself) looked on in awe of the plethora of talent that sat in the audience, and were responsible for these masterpieces.


I guarantee you that this season is one to watch. If you missed the season premiere, you need to catch the rerun and join us for the rest  of the season!

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