Trend Watch: Turbans Galore With June Ambrose and More

Turbans have been a HUGE trend for the spring and summer seasons. These headpieces are more than just an accessory, they are pieces of art that allow us to express our personal style, from the prints and patterns on the turbans to the way that we tie them. Now, how do we tie them exactly? I’m glad you asked. I for one am amazed with the turban trend, and I honestly see it sticking around for fall. Because of that, I’ve gained a bigger interest in turbans. I want to know how to wear them, and especially how to tie them, so that I too can embrace this chic trend.

With being a ‘turbanista’ in mind, I scoured the internet for tutorials, and I came across an article on fashion stylist June Ambrose herself, who has been known to wear these fierce pieces of head-wear and has her very own line of turbans. In addition to that, I found a video done by none other than Mattie from the wonderful style blog that shows us how to wear turbans 7 ways! Are you ready for Turbanistas 101? Let me know your thoughts, and I’ll make sure I post my pictures in a turban after I’ve passed the course. Good Luck!

 Time to take notes in Turbanistas 101! 1st Session!

Chrisette Michelle and June Ambrose are true turbanistas!


2nd Session! 7 Ways to wear a turban with Mattie!


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