Anthony Davis, Matt Kemp and More Show Off Their Red Carpet Style at The 2012 ESPY Awards

On Wednesday night the country’s top athletes, as well as those affiliated with them gathered in LA for the 2012 ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award) Awards. The ESPYs was star studded, with appearances on the red carpet from celebrities such as Chanel Iman, Miguel and more. Take a look at the mixture of athletes that came out to celebrate such as Anthony Davis and Matt Kemp,  as well as what they “sported” on the ESPYs red carpet. (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun…sports…sported. Forgive me lol.)

Matt Kemp and his mother

Chanel Iman in a clearly uncomfortable dress

Malaysia Pargo


Lamar Odom with father-in-law Bruce Jenner

Victor Cruz looking sexy

J.R. Smith in a snazzy jacket

Sheldon Williams, along with his beautiful wife Candice Parker and daughter Lailaa

Icon Julius Irving and wife

Anthony Davis wore a sharp three piece suit, you go boy!

Nas was apart of the entertainment line up, along with Swiss Beatz (pictured below).

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