Luxury Meets Affordable: Neiman Marcus and Target Collaborate With 24 Prominent Fashion Designers

The mixing of high-end with low-end pieces has always been a fashionista’s secret for a winning look, but recently it has become something worthy of openness. And why shouldn’t it be? Shout it out to the world: this is how it’s being done in 2012, even the top designers know it. Exciting news of the latest collaboration with high-end and low-end pieces was released earlier this week with the announcement that in honor of 50 years of design, Neiman Marcus and Target will be creating a holiday line with 24 CFDA prominent designers. BIG NAMES. We’re talking  Proenza Schouler, DVF and Marc Jacobs…and that’s only a sneak peek of the list.

Neiman Marcus and Target will be bringing their shoppers an amazing gift with this collection, as it drops December 1, just in time to treat others (and ourselves) to some of these sure to be fabulous items. With designers curating items ranging from trademark men’s and womenswear to even pet accessories (wahoo!), we’re definitely eager to get a peek at the whole collection. Creating a a line with not one, but twenty-four designers is an extremely bold move, BUT there is no doubt that it will be successful. Time to make a countdown until December 1st!



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