3 Things EVERY Blog Needs

There are so many ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ and lists of ‘Things Every Blog Needs’ in the blogosphere, that it can often leave one wondering which blogging principles to apply. While there are several things that every blog needs, the top three can be narrowed down to relevant content, an eye-catching layout, and social network links.

Image via http://heartifb.com/


 Relevant Content

Every blog has content, so what will make your blog’s content stand out? Relevant content.  Relevant content is content that is relevant to both your blog and your audience because of your topic, events related to it, and your own personal features. If you have a street-style fashion blog, relevant content would consist of regular posts capturing individuals on the “street” in different settings and outfit ideas, i.e. for the 4th of July. On my blog, I have a feature called ‘ShoeLust’, which allows me to showcase my love for shoes, and it is appropriate because many people who share a love for fashion as a whole, love stylish shoes.

Image via http://fashiontechsavvy.com/

An Eye-Catching Layout

The layout of a blog is the first impression.  People will notice a layout before they even begin to read the content; I do this all of the time. If a blog’s layout is boring, I generally don’t stay long enough to read the it.  A great layout comes from an understanding of the topic of the blog and the audience being reached by it. The colors you choose matter because they send different messages. If you have a fashion blog that does not only target females, beware of an overdose of pink. A male will definitely be turned off by a fuchsia theme, even if your blog is for him and her. The layout of your homepage should be eye-catching, providing previews to your most recent post.

Image via http://www.refinery29.com/

Image via http://glamoland.tumblr.com/

Social Network Links

The most annoying thing I’ve experienced is when I come across a blog I like and I have to go on a scavenger hunt for the blog’s Facebook profile, Twitter page, and RSS feeds. Those links are vital and should be easily visible to site visitors. If the blog has additional social media accounts or networks such as Pinterest or Independent Fashion Bloggers, the badges for those accounts should also be easily accessible. When one finds their self enjoying a blog, he or she will take advantage of the opportunity to connect with it.

Image via http://blakevond.com/


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