10 Summer Style Tips For Guys

With temperatures in the 90s and basketball season being over, it is safe to say that summer has arrived. Instead of going with the urge to throw on your favorite pair of basketball or board shorts, think about trying something new. After all, don’t you want to have an appearance that is at least look like you put some effort into it? Don’t worry, you can be a dapper guy and still be comfortable, I promise.

With the help of Complex Magazine,  I bring you 10 Summer Style Tips Real Guys Can Learn From Pitti Uomo. Read them, try them, love them.

1. Hats On

You know by now that summer is the ideal time for a hat, but that snapback isn’t gonna cut it 24/7. Get a nice straw hat to wear with a blazer or button down and look like a true G. Just don’t wear it with a T-shirt… you’re embarassing us, yourself, and your family when you do that.

2. Seer Sucker (Jackets and Suits)

2. Don't Look Like A (Seer)Sucker

Seersucker is mainly reserved for uppity white dudes and people who like to party on Governor’s Island and listen to jazz semi-ironically. To avoid looking like an extra in The Great Gatsby, pair it up with a rugged fabric like chambray, seen here.

3. Patterned Pants and Polos

3. Patterned Pants and Polos

Patterned pants are definitely a bold move, but a guy can pull them off by channeling the classic prep notion of “go-to-hell,” meaning you simply don’t care what other people think because you are that based. This guy pulls it off by rocking it with a white polo and blue blazer like a true prep. Too bold for you? Opt for a brighter pair of chinos, and keep the white polo and navy blazer.

4. Class Up Camo

4. Class Up Camo

Leave it to street style mainstay Nick Wooster to take a military-inspired look (epaulets on the shirt, tie tucked away) and transform it into casual cool. Make your camo shorts pull double duty by substituting them for a pair of khakis to give your weekend kits a dose of dopeness.

5.  Look Ma, No Socks!

5. Look Ma, No Socks!

Hot weather means no socks! Duh. Be sure to have a few pairs of shoes in your rotation to avoid things from getting super rank. And remember: shoe trees for your hardbottoms, foot powder for your sneakers. Bonus tip: canvas sneakers and some insoles (like on NikeFrees) can be thrown in the wash when they’re especially smelly. They’ll come out refreshed and ready for the rest of the summer.

6.  Summer Suiting

6. Summer Suiting

Lightweight chino suits and unstructured sportcoats are the name of the game in the summer heat. Keep things casual with a pair of canvas sneakers like Vans Authentics. Or you can ditch the sportcoat and roll up the sleeves on any nice button down. Make sure the fit is slim, and wear an undershirt to wick away excess moisture. No joke, it actually works. You can’t argue with science people!

7.  Tucked Away

7. Tucked Away

Tucking your shirt into your shorts? Yeah, you can totally do that. Balance out the classy look with a pair of loafers

8. Graphic Tees

8. Tees With Graphic Content

Graphic tees never went away, but the all-over print T-shirt is definitely back in full force. Remember that when you rock one, make sure the rest of your kit is balanced out with solid colors. Pattern mixing is advanced stuff, but hey, you can easily throw on a printed camp cap or snapback and pull that off.

9. Seeing Circles

9. Seeing Circles

Circular shades have been on their way back this summer, making appearances in music videos like A$AP Rocky’s “Goldie.” Inspired by British rockers like John Lennon, you can definitely call this a comeback. If you have a round face though, stick to something with angles.

10. Flower To The People

10. Flower To The People

Floral outerwear is essential this season, keep it lightweight and breathable with a T-shirt underneath. Alternately, just rock a floral shirt unbuttoned and wear it as a shirt jacket.

*** Hope you enjoyed  these tips from Jian Deleon at http://www.complex.com/style/2012/06/10-summer-style-tips-real-guys-can-learn-from-pitti-uomo/


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  1. Very cute, it has given me another idea, thugoh. This would work as a womans apron,the top part anyways. A strap around my neck hurts my neck, so I was trying to figure out how I could do straps over the shoulders. Thank you!! Hugs, Cindy S

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