Tired of Shopping The Same Places? 10 Must Stop Online Shops You Might Like

Let’s face it, no matter how cute or fly that we think we are, we get tired of wearing the same styles and shopping at the same places eventually. I know this is true because when my friends are looking for somewhere new or different to shop, they ask me to send them a list of places. The thing is, even my list of places to shop (that you don’t hear of everyday) is beginning to run slim too, because they have either become more popular, or their retail choice has become mainstream. So what now?

Well, the lovely ladies at FashionBomb Daily created a list of 10 must stop online shops to spice things up for us. I take no credit for this list because I borrowed it from them. Either way, I think some of you may find your next secret store here. Best of luck fly gals!

1. Nasty Gal (Jihan’s Picks) Everyone knows Nasty Gal, but I love their West Coast cool-girl aesthetic. Of course, I add my own (clearly superior) East Coast swag to the stuff I purchase from there.

2. Mikkat Market They have lots of easy, breezy, trendy pieces at affordable prices. Like, super affordable!

3. Bottica As an accessories queen, I love unique jewelry, and Bottica has tons of it. If you want to step up your accessories game, this is the place to do it.

4.JewelMint ( Faith’s Picks) It’s such fun: the idea of having a showroom selected just for you based on your style makes life easier and they constantly have deals and your favorite pieces in new colors

5. Shopbop They have the perfect blend of new and established brands and their sales are KILLER. It’s a daily stop for me.

6. Gilt They’re the originators when it comes to luxury deals! Their photography is great and I love Gilt City also because they always have great deals. The last piece I bought was by BCBG.

7. Revolve Clothing (Cliche’s picks)

8. HauteLook This site requires a free membership, but it is WORTH it. You can get designer clothing and shoes for a steal. It’s addictive!

9. Nordstrom’s When I am looking to splurge, I’ll head over to Nordstrom’s

10. The Outnet (Claire’s pick)  This sister site to Net-a-Porter has all the brands you love for less.

Source: http://fashionbombdaily.com/2012/06/19/the-fashion-bombs-staff-picks-10-must-stop-online-shops/


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