Must Haves: Kate Spade Designer Pieces

Kate Spade *sighs*. I am a huge fan of the Kate Spade watches, which combine class with  simplicity and create a very simple look. Well while out shopping today, I went to the Kate Spade outlet, and with every turn I made I uttered “ohmygod”. I entered the store hoping that there would be watches inside, and while there weren’t any, I left the store with a list of things that were must haves: a chic gold bow-tie ring, an orange rectangular clutch that would be sure to make any outfit pop, a gold bowling bag that was a must have for everyday. What can I say? Nice girls like nice things.

If you love designers, expensive things or simply nice stuff, Kate Spade may be the designer for you. While the prices might be a little higher than your favorite affordable designer, or one that you have heard of more, it will definitely be worth it.

gramercy crystal

gramercy grand


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