Evelyn Lozada Shows Off Abs For ‘Inner Circle’ Book Signing in The Bronx

Reality TV personality, Evelyn Lozada kicked off the launching of her book, Inner Circle yesterday with a book signing at Barnes and Nobles in the Bronx.  She did it while looking fabulous too in a Helmut Lang cut away jacket, drawstring pants to match and a pair of Christian Louboutins. The line to meet Evelyn was ridiculous, as people were out hours before she was said to arrive. It must have been great to meet Ev, and have her sign one’s copy personally.

The book, which is supposedly fiction, has many people wondering is it loosely based off of her life, or the lives of athlete wives around her. I’m sure that both had some influence on the book, or at least inspired the book.se who have picked up the book have tweeted that they cannot put it down, and that they have read it cover to cover in one day! That sounds like my type of book. I think I will purchase it, and after reading do a review of it.


Source: http://fashionbombdaily.com/


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