Beauty Buzz: 5 Hot Nail Trends For Summer 2012

While as ladies we love our items: clothes, accessories, shoes, and more, there are certain things we need not forget to give as much love and attention to such as our nails. Nail polish and nail art are avenues that allow us to express ourselves, whether it  be our style, mood, etc. Maybe your over your usual colors and designs or maybe you don’t give your nails that much attention. Either way this post is for you. I’m about to show you five of the hottest nail trends for this season, and by the time your done, your nails might look as good as you. Let’s go!

Trend #1: BRIGHTS !

As with every summer, brights are always in! Make a statement with your nails by choosing bright and bold colored nail polishes for your next manicure. Not ready to go for the hot pink or highlighter yellow? Try a summery orange or a teal blue for starters.




Stiletto nails are a HAWT trend. These cat-like nails will be great for you if you want to do something drastic, or simply try something new. The shape along makes a statement, you have the option of taking it further with the color, print, or design you choose.


Gradient nails remind me of this recent ombre hair trend, where colors fade from dark to light. Gradient nails are a unique style, as they can fade from dark to light or light to dark, with whatever colors that one chooses to use. This is a trend that I love, because it is really creative, and from what I hear, not hard to achieve.




Color blocking is a major trend right now, not just with nails, but with everything in fashion. With that being said, it was only a matter of time before the trend made its way into the nail industry. This style is really cute and perfect for the summer. Give it a try!

Trend #5: NEUTRALS

Neutrals are a classic. They are great all year round. Maybe the next time your unsure while sitting in the  chair at the salon, opt for a neutral shade. Neutrals will never do you wrong.


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