For The Love of SCANDAL: Kerry Washington’s Appearance on VH1’s Morning Buzz

Earlier this week Scandal’s leading lady, Kerri Washington stopped by VH1’s Morning Buzz show to talk about Scandal, the real Olivia Pope (Judy Smith), and diversity in television. During the interview Kerri Washington admitted to calling Judy for input and feedback for the show. “I call her all the time for her input and feedback. I can call her on her cell but she never tells me where she is.” It’s like while Washington is playing a role, Smith is living it. Kerri Washington did an excellent job at playing the leading role of Olivia Pope, managing to be firm and yet fierce. However somehow in the midst of cleaning up other people’s messes, she made one of her own.

Yesterday I was just saying, “What are Thursdays without Scandal?” Seriously, Thursdays are not the same when you do not have to drop everything around 9:50 PM and get ready for Scandal to come at 10. Hopefully the show will return soon, there HAS to be a season two. Seeing that we were not even left with a season preview, things seem to really be up in the air. Once again, only time will tell.



Read more: Kerry Washington Dishes on ‘Scandal’, The Real Life Olivia Pope & Diversity In TV | Necole



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