Celebrity News Follow Up: Angela Simmons and Romeo Spotted On Cheesecake Factory Date

While 24-year-old Angela Simmons and 22-year-old Romeo Miller seem to want to keep their couple as a status a secret, they are not doing a very good job of hiding it. Romangela (my celebrity couple name for them) have been photographed together on several occasions, this time at the Cheesecake Factory at the Grove. It appears that they may have been with friends or on a double date, but those details don’t really matter as much to us, now do they?

In the pictures Angela can be seen flirting, doing the twist of the hair thing that females are known to do when flirting or feeling nervous. Meanwhile, Romeo shares a romantic glance with her. Can the two just let it be known already? It’s not like we don’t already know. I think the two of them would be good for each other. They are both attractive young people who have accomplished a lot for people their age. If they are together, I hope it lasts…it could work.


Source: http://theybf.com/2012/06/06/coupledom-angela-simmons-romeo-play-coy-at-the-grove



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