ShoeLust: Christian Louboutin Un Bout Heels As Seen On Kim Kardashian, Lala Anthony and MOr

Now this fabulous pair of Christian Louboutin Un Bout heels are a true Shoe Lust, especially for a college girl like myself. That does not make them any less beautiful or anything. These shoes have been spotted over the last few months on the most stylish of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian while she was out on her ice cream date with Kanye West and by Lala Anthony while attending hubby Carmelo Anthony’s New York Nicks game. What I love about this shoe is the simple design of the shoe. The invisible side gives it an elegant touch and the point of the shoe gives it definition. This shoe is definitely one that pops easily if one wears one of the bright colors like the yellow or the red. It also is a great shoe to throw on and still be stylish, as shown by Kim. The Un Bout  is a MAJOR Shoe Lust, you already know it’s about to be added to my list of must haves.


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