What Everybody’s Talking About In Music: “No Church In The Wild” and “Daughters” Videos

In music video news, people are talking about “Daughters” by Nas. The video is a view into how Nas came to realize he hasn’t been a great example as father for his daughter. It shows us how he went wrong in allowing his daughter to see and know certain things, and the things that she got into due to his absence. It’s a powerful video in my opinion. I love how in the song he says “not saying that our sons are less important”. He shows that there needs to be an awareness on raising teenage girls.

Kanye West and Jay-Z have finally dropped the highly anticipated “No Church In The Wild” video. Although I think I’ve seen some of the visuals before, they are nothing compared to watching the video. The video gives the song a whole new meaning, and I am sure that it will stir up some controversy. Don’t worry, you’ll get what I’m saying after seeing the police, horses, churches, bombs, brawls and more.

Watch both videos below and feel free to comment! I want to know what you think about the videos.


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