Celebrity News Follow Up: Meagan Good Responds To Controversy Caused By Her Burlesque Performance

The other day I blogged about Meagan Good’s bachelorette party. It seems as though she is taking on more heat than she has expected due to the pictures of her burlesque performance being released. Most of the negative commentary has come as a result of her marrying a preacher, so people are thinking that her performance was inappropriate for that of a future preacher’s wife. To that, here is what she has to say:

Let’s get something straight … I wasn’t half naked last night … I was actually very covered up, not showing anymore than I show when I dress up to go to events .,,and let’s get something else straight .. I’m an actress ., there will be many things narrow-minded people deem unholy or not 1st lady like … But this is not so..it’s about your relationship with God and your personal convictions …

If you see footage,  you will see I was covered up having fun dancing and enjoying my self with my friends and family and absolutely not doing a striptease …smh people are ridiculous .. Can’t a girl enjoy her bachelorette party in peace?

Yes she can!! I said it before and I’ll say it again. I loved the idea of performing burlesque at her bachelorette party. It was something different. People never know how to handle different though.

Watch her performance below:

Read more: Meagan Good Defends Her Vegas Burlesque | Necole Bitchie.com 


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