Rihanna: Nude and Blonde to Promote Her Upcoming Fragrance ‘Nude’

We all know that Rihanna likes to go with as least amount of clothing as possible, at least lately. So it comes to no surprise that Rihanna took to instagram to release pictures from her photoshoot for her upcoming fragrance ‘Nude’. Along with the pictures, she posted a note saying  I got a big shoot tomorrow for a surprise fragrance for my ladies called…NUDE! Bye bye dreadz, for NOW! With that she threw on a blonde wig and posed nude. Of course for Rihanna, it only seemed logical for her to pose nude as well.

No news on what the actual fragrance looks like or smells like, but I’m sure the pictures and the name are enough to keep everyone interested for a while.

Read more: Rihanna Nude And Blonde | Necole Bitchie.com

Picture source: http://theybf.com/2012/05/26/rihanna-goes-blonde-toplessagainfor-her-nude-fragrance


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