Beyonce Performs Tributes to Whitney Houston and Lauryn Hill at Revel

Four months after having Blue Ivy and two weeks after planning her Memorial Day Weekend shows at Revel, Beyonce stepped on stage to perform, and show us why she is indeed the Queen. I’m sure all of us #BeyStans, whether there in flesh or spirit are proud of Beyonce as we have been waiting for her return. There is one person who might be more proud than us, and of course that person could only be her hubby, Jay-Z. Last night he tweeted I’m going to say this and I am going to end mine. BEYONCE is the best performer in the world. Period. 

Beyonce performed a plethora of songs last night, including fan favorites “Crazy In Love”,“Freakum Dress”,  “Get Me Bodied”, Diva”, “Run The World”, “Single Ladies”,  “I was Here”, “Halo”, and “If I Were A Boy”. She even did a tribute to Lauryn Hill in honor of her birthday, as well as a tribute for the late Whitney Houston. Watch Below:



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