Music: Can’t Get Enough of Elle Varner? I Can’t Either !

Last week I saw the ‘Refill’ video on 106&Park, and I don’t know if I was more in love with the song or the video. I absolutely LOVE the song. Elle Varner’s voice is absolutely beautiful, and I believe the thing about it is that it is because it’s so raw. On top of that the emotion she expresses in her songs seems so genuine. I just love her. The moment that I heard Refill I had to find more of her music. In the next ten minutes I downloaded her mixtape – ‘Conversational Lush’. If you like her songs ‘Refill’ and ‘Only Want To Give It To You’, I am sure that you will enjoy her mixtape. Then I saw her in my Teen Vogue magazine, and it just confirmed her greatness.  I honestly cannot wait for the release of her debut album Perfectly Imperfect in June. I’m excited to see what be comes of this new young — and undeniably talented female.

See Videos below:


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