Shoe Lust: Simone Rocha Brogues, As Seen On Rita Ora

This is a shoe lust for real, simply because I don’t know if I will ever get my hands on these shoes in my lifetime, but I absolutely LOVE them! These shoes are the Simone Rocha Brogues. I first saw them on Rita Ora on an article about her in London, and then I believe that I saw them on June Ambrose on Styled by June. I would have blogged about them sooner but it took me about a week to figure out who they were by, and thankfully one of my friends came to the rescue.

What I love about this shoe is the illusion of no heel, yet we all know that it is not exactly possible for a person to be walking on air. In actuality, it is a glass heel. It is an odd concept for a shoe, but it works. Rita Ora pulled this shoe off effortlessly. I believe that there is so much that one would be able to do with this shoe. It is a wonderful creation.


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