Men’s Fashion: Add Some Swag To Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe With Three Key Pieces

I know my posts on men’s fashion are few and far between but that just means that you have to cherish them whenever they appear. I’ve really gotten more interested in men’s fashion lately, maybe due to my obsession with GQ magazine or just because there’s nothing like a guy with some style. Either way, those are the reasons that today I bring to you ways to add some swag to your spring/summer wardrobe simply by investing in three key pieces. We’ll start from the top.

1) Bow-Ties.  Dress up your suits or button downs with bow ties. Because bow ties come in so many styles, colors and patterns, it may only be necessary to invest in a few. Wearing bow-ties shows two things; one, that you are confident in yourself and two, that you are aware of your own personal style.

2) The Watch. Notice that I did not specify which kind of watch you should have. According to, there is the dress watch,  the chronograph, the dive watch, the complication watch, the vintage watch and more… The point is, a watch is a man’s go to accessory. So just as females check for our earrings on the way out, double-check your wrist for your time piece on your way out.

3)  The Boat Shoe. Boat shoes are a more casual for men, however they sometimes have a more formal appearance than loafers. Boat shoes are known to be very comfortable and can dress an outfit up or down.  Boat shoes come in neutral simple styles, but have also been known to come in bright as well as pastel and pattern colors. There’s a pair out there for every man. Believe me.

You must remember…swag is not guaranteed by what you wear, or the pieces that you add to your wardrobe to increase it. Swag is the way you carry yourself and your confidence. Swag is sexy all by itself.


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