FASHION: Time Magazine’s Top 100 Fashion Icons of All Time

Yesterday TIME magazine released it’s ‘All-TIME’ 100 Fashion Icons list. The list is composed of models, designers, brands, muses, editors and stylists. The lists includes phenomenal people such as: Giorgio Armani, Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent, Naomi Campbell, Iman, Anna Wintour, Beverly Johnson, Twiggy, Brigette Bardot, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama…AND MORE!! I actually love the list because it shows how people who are completely different from one another (they are of different cultures,  countries and walks of life), have made their own mark on the fashion industry. These are people who have stayed true to their selves, and are reaping the benefits of doing so. Got to love fashion.

The full list of the 100 All-TIME Fashion Icons can be found here:,29569,2110513,00.html


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