Fashion: Mixed Prints Trend 2012

Some people have been mixing prints as a part of their own personal style, all of their life. NOW, mixed prints is considered a fashion trend and is highly commendable if one can do it right. But how does someone mix trends properly? There’s no real answer  to that. Play with your pattern and printed clothing and see what outfits come together that YOU personally like. I must say I am a fan of the trend, it’s very different. It defies the laws of “matching” and “sophistication” while screaming “fashionable” and “fun. You can do stripes with animal prints, tribal prints with polka dots, I mean the options are really unlimited. The only thing that really matters is that you like your outfit once you put it together. I’m interested in trying a mixed print outfit, but in the meantime here are pictures of some celebrities in mixed prints.


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