MUSIC: What’s New? Live.Love.Purple and The Misunderstanding of Teyana Mixtapes & New Videos

It’s been a while since I’ve done a music post but as I’m typing I’m listening to Live.Love.Purple, ASAP Rocky’s new mixtape which was released yesterday. So far I can tell it’s somewhat different from Live.Love.A$AP…you certainly here “PMF” on every track.  I can’t tell if the vibe is more mature or just relaxed. I’ll have to decide after  I finish listening.


Also recently released was the Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor which I LOVEEE. It has an old school and new school feel combined, and it’s definitely one of those mixtapes that you play straight through. On this tape she shows the range of her voice as well as her talents, with both rapping and singing. She clearly is underestimated but all of that may change after people listen to this mixtape.

Switching over to videos, here’s Sex Ain’t Better Than Love and Faded:



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