Men’s Spring Fashion Trends 2012

While I tend to cater to women’s fashion on my blog, I have decided to try to do a better job of incorporating  men’s fashion. What better way to do so then by bring to you some of the major men’s fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2012. This spring, men will be adding a pop of color to their wardrobe since vivid colors, such as oranges and blues are in. Don’t worry, neutrals are never to be forgotten. Men tend to lean towards them in the warmer temperatures, and wear them well. Plaid is a recurring trend which can be added to any portion of your outfit. The key men’s accessory for this season: watches. Every man needs a few good watches within his reach, they just are that last little detail that make a difference. (Trust me guys, we notice).  If any of these trends aren’t your style, good. Try something new this season, and remember: there’s nothing like a stylish man.



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