Love & Hip Hop 2 ‘Reality Check’ ….What You Might Have Missed

The Love and Hip Hop Season 2 reunion-like show, Reality Check aired on TV last night. There were a lot of secrets and feeelings that came into the light seeing as though the show was exactly that, a reality check. It showed the differences between the reality shown on the show and the reality of the cast. In cased you missed it, here are the top five things you missed:

5) Every member of the cast has a problem with the executive producer, Mona. Chrissy did not want to be placed in a room with Yandy, Olivia feelslike she was portrayed as pathetic, and Somaya went as far as handing Mona a cuss out.

4) Jim Jones had been trying to pitch the show for seven years.

3) Olivia has been signed, and got a deal that has paid her OVER $500,000 in advance.

2) Kimbella and Juelz are NO LONGER TOGETHER. That explains why he will appear on the show with everyone BUT her.

1) Chrissy may very well be PREGNANT! Loved the hair, let me just say that. But from the way she answered questions about a baby, it seems like there might be one on the way. Did anyone  else see her glowing?!


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