Women’s Spring Trends 2012

As the seasons change, so should some of the items in our closets. So, as Spring 2012 is approaching it’s time for us ladies to make sure that we are staying relevant. It is always important to have your own personal style and to stay true to it. Once you have acknowledged that, then add some trendy pieces your wardrobe. The trends for fit are a combination of flowing and figure flattering. Let’s begin:

1. Flowing Trends: As a female it is always nice to display your femininity in simple forms. In spring 2012 you can pull off this trend by investing in floor length skirts; solid as well as patterned colored tops, sheer button ups. Sheer items are going to be VERY BIG this spring.

2.  Figure Flattering Trends: Now, as a female it is just as important that we complement our assets. Brightly colored skinny pants and jeans, crop tops, and pencil skirts will be in style this spring. A-line dressed will also be a huge hit for spring 2012. It is only right that you add a pop of color to your wardrobe.

3. Patterns: Patterns are also a fashionable choice, for any season but especially when it is warm outside. This spring, try to add a few patterned pieces to your closet. Choose from various patterns: striped, floral, ethnic, tropical, etc.




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