Harper’s Bazaar Features Vera Wang ; Swim Suit Body & Lavish New L.A. Spot

Vera Wang looks absolutely beautiful in her photo shoot with Harper’s Bazaar. At a shockingly 62 years old (never would have known!), her body outshines even the body figures of many college students and I  know because I go to the  gym here on Hampton University’s campus. Harper’s Bazaar could have stopped there, but the magazine goes on to tell readers about Wang’s new escape from New York, her beautiful ‘90210 abode’. While Wang loves working in New York, she mentions that, “If L.A. were to become a West Coast version of that, I’d shoot myself.” No need to do that, everyone needs their zen place, and we’re glad that Wang has L.A.


Douglas Freidman/Harper's Bazaar

Douglas Friedman/Harper's Bazaar

Douglas Freidman/Harper's Bazaar

Douglas Freidman/Harper's Bazaar


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