Celebrity Actor Visits Hampton University

On Monday, November 21, 2011 Hampton University held an event called ‘HU Day Of Impact: HU/Aids Seminar’. I had the privilege of being a co-host for the event, which consisted of general HIV/Aids general facts and a panel session that featured a student, a worker from the school’s Health Center, one of Hampton’s football coaches and Mr. Lamman Rucker. The name may not ring at first, but he is most famous for being the sheriff in ‘Why Did I Get Married‘, and his role of Jill Scott’s husband in ‘Why Did I Get Married Too‘. All of the panelists participated in a Q &  A session where they answered opinion based questions and gave advice relating to HIV/Aids. I personally enjoyed the event, and will be looking into other opportunities to help my generation understand the seriousness of HIV/Aids because it can truly happen to anyone…the virus does not discriminate. For more information feel free to click here: http://www.blackaids.org/ or http://www.greaterthan.org/.



One thought on “Celebrity Actor Visits Hampton University

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