Sorry For The Time Off….Blame Hampton’s Homecoming 2011 !

Hello Loves!

I know, I have been gone for quite some time. I  have spent the last two months getting used to being a college student at the prestigious Hampton University. So far, I have really been enjoying college life. Somehow I managed to get a good balance between work and play. Last week we  had our homecoming, wish I think was pretty good for my first one.

Thursday night we had our concert featuring Travis Porter, Miguel, Meek Mills and Kendrick Lamar. It was really great, I enjoyed Travis Porter’s the most when it comes to who had the crowd hype. Miguel is very classy though, he has a performance style similar to Michael Jackson mixed with Usher plus an extra dose of extra smoothness. However, Meek Mills was clearly the crowd favorite because after his performance, 50% of the crowd left. Maybe they had to get ready for the after parties lol. Let’s go with that.

Friday night was the party at NORVA. It was worth the $25 and more, I had a really good time with my girls. We partied hard, shout out to the B9 girls. All I can say is that if you missed it, you better get your NORVA ticket for HU vs HU weekend.

Saturday was the game, which I was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too tired for so I honestly don’t remember anything specific. Well there were two things, the half time show disappointed me and that we won the game.

Sorry that I don’t have many pictures from the weekend, but I’ll try to upload some performance clips.

Just know that your favorite blogger is back and better than before so remember to check back often or subscribe 🙂


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