For The J.Cole Fans….

Well its time for the countdown, 17 days until J.Cole’s debut album “Cole World: The Sideline Story” drops. Exciting right? Of course! However, it seems there is more talk about the J.Cole and Rihanna sex tape than any countdown, and maybe for a moment the tape has become the spotlight and not the album. While I don’t condone the sex tape at all, it is probably the worse time for Cole to have been involved in something like this. I’m sure now he is probably reconsidering those moments, especially with the recent consequence: being dropped from Roc Nation. While it appears to be an internet rumor, it appears that it may be true. JayZ was confronted with the situation upon hearing from Hustler magazine that they may actually have a copy of the tape in their possession. That is why the consequence for Cole is as heavy as it is. However, in order to not make a big deal, the official announcement wont be made until after Cole’s album drops. What will happen now? What’s going to happen in Cole’s World? All we can do is watch and wait.

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