The Morning After The 2011 VMAs

Everyone loves watching award shows. There’s the red carpet entry with the fabulous and not so fabulous attire, the jaw dropping and disappointing performances, and of course all of our favorite artists celebrities. Yet, when all the glitz, glamour and hype is over we go on to continue our night. The next morning though, there are only a few parts that still stick out to us. So, let’s talk about my morning after the VMAs…shall we?

*Wakes up and rolls over* “Let me get my thoughts Gaga came as a man, Beyonce is pregnant, and out of all the people to do a tribute to, they chose Britney Spears? Seriously?” *Gets self together*

Its so AMAZING to me how they had a trending topic about what Lady Gaga would come to VMAs wearing, and when she appeared, she blew all of our minds away. I’m sure like me, most people were expecting some extraordinary outfit, whether it be something barely there to being in the womb of an animal. Yet, Lady Gaga arrived as her alter ego, a man who goes by the name of Joe Calderone. Regardless of what she wore, she didnt again. Gaga NEVER ceases to amaze me.

…and neither does King Bey aka Beyonce. She looked gorgeous on the red carpet, but it wasn’t what she was wearing that sent us into celebration, rather it was what was inside of her…her baby! Beyonce announced on the red carpet before the show that she indeed is pregnant. What made it more beautiful was after her stellar performance, she opened up her blazer and put her hand on her belly. It was great to see everyone share in her and Jay-Z’s excitement and I wish them all the best.

There was one thing that confused me, but nonetheless still stuck out to me, and that was the fact that this year’s tribute went to Britney Spears. Notice that I did not say anything about the tribute performance, because honestly there was nothing memorable about that. Yes, Britney was great back in her day, but I still feel as though there are plenty of other people who the tribute could have went to. Plus, the image of little Britneys on stage is not exactly a positive image. But of course I don’t make the rules, or choose who the award goes to. On that note, congratulations Brit!



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