HighLight of My Summer !

This past July, my mother and I went to the Women’s Success Conference which was hosted by Dr. Stacia and Ariana Pierce at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando, FL for 3 days. To say it was amazing, would be an understatement. It was INCREDIBLE!! This wasn’t a boring business or church conference, it was a business conference for women with million dollar businesses and women who aspire to have million dollar businesses. We networked like crazy! The first day we did a 3 minute exercise where you say what your business is, why it is needed in one minute. From that exercise, I launched my PR business and that weekend I walked away with two clients and a nice check! I am in the process of legalizing my business and gaining more clients. It was an INCREDIBLE INCREDIBLE experience, and I thank Dr. Stacia & Ariana Pierce for all they taught us, and my mom for making it possible. – MissMills

**two weeks before the conference I wrote down my business name and what services it would provide. I thought I would be launching it by the time I graduated college, but God had other plans lol and that’s fine by me. (: My business provides social media set-up, maintenance and social media tutorials for businesses along with life consulting, branding and event planning.

Opportunity Awaits Prepared People- Dr. Stacia Pierce.

My New Clients, Mom & Myself.

Two New Friends: Faith & Fran...We're Some Stylish Girls.

Attending The V.I.P. Reception W/ Mom, Check Her Out !

Strike A Pose! Mom. Celebrity Hairstylist Kiyah Wright, Myself, Dr. Stacia Pierce & Ariana Pierce.


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